Physie (BJP Physical Culture) is the ultimate fusion of dance styles; 
ballet, modern jazz, aerobic dance, contemporary and exercise.

The superb combination of movements are choreographed age appropriately and performed to modern music. Each syllabus tailored for girls 3 years to ladies of all ages and experiences.  

Physie is a fun filled way to get fit, make life long friends and be part of a team. Whether your goal is to improve overall health and fitness or to reach the highest level of competition, there are so many benefits you will gain along the way.

Improvements in; posture, fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Physie has a strong focus on discipline of the mind and body, great way to develop a childs commitment, focus, learning & listening skills, concentration, interaction with others and teamwork.

For children developments in body geography, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm, and memory are all beneficial to their school work.

Physie provides a fun and affordable sport, that encourages participation for all ages. 
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Our Club was established in 2006, by Lauren Kocass and throughout this time our Club has achieved many amazing results at all levels of competition in both team and individual events across our juniors, seniors and ladies. As well as performing internationally for our second time in 2016 in America. Our proudest achievement is the club spirit we have created, the friendships that have been formed through a combined love of physie.

Principal Teacher:
Lauren Kocass
Lauren teaches all classes from 5 years through to Ladies.
This will be Lauren's 14th year as a BJP Associate Teacher and has participated in Physie for 25 years.  Lauren has many achievements including being a State & National Champion at both a Junior & Senior level. 

Assistant Associate Teachers: 
Amber Clark, Lauri Johnson, Maisha Hossain will in 2017 become Associate Teachers after helping Lauren with all junior classes for many years. The girls have all received many State & Nationals Titles since starting Physie at a young age and look forward to assisting the junior students again this year. 

Elise Alley will be teaching Kindy Class as well as the Beginner Ladies and Over 50/60 Ladies Class in 2017.

Shiobhan Thompson we welcome to our teaching team, who will also be teaching Kindy in 2017. 
Our classes are held on a Monday and Thursday at Caningeraba State School Hall, Whistler Dr, Burleigh Waters. 

Class Types:
Kindy Physie is designed for 3 & 4 year olds who love to move and groove. High energy and lots of fun, the girls just love their Kindy Physie!

Juniors 5 to 16 years
Junior Classes are fun and high energy, with a strong focus on team work and improving skills and technqiue. The BJP syllabus is age appropriately choreographed and the students enjoy learning and mastering their routines to showcase in the years competitions and performances. We also offer a free and optional stretch class for all our junior students to promote the beneits of stretching for a healthy and fit body. 

Ladies 18+ 
We are very excited this year to be offering two new ladies classes.
Beginner Ladies - a great introduction for ladies of all ages, whether you are interested in getting fit or looking for a way to meet other ladies, come along and give Physie a try!
Over 50's and 60's Class - we have had a lot of interest in this year and we are excited to bring a class designed especially for you!
Ladies Class - which is for all experienced ladies of all ages in the Novice, Intermedaite and Opens section. 

Seniors  17+
Our Seniors class is our most advanced and experienced class, being held on a Monday and Thursday. 

Competitions and performances are optional, however we do encourgae all our members to participate, it gives our participants a great sense of achievement and really helps to build self confidence. 

Our annual Showcase is held in June at Caningeraba School Hall, Burleigh Waters. The Showcase is an absolute favourite with our members, its a way to show family and friends what you have learnt throughout the first half of the year. It is a fun and relaxed introduction to performing. 

In August our Club participates in two Interclubs, which are practice competitions before the official comp season kicks off in October. At Interclubs there are events just for beginners, so they are a great introduction to Physie Comps. Generally held on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. 

Our Club Day is held beginning of September, and is a special event for our Club, awarding our Overall Club Champions for the year.

Our Team Competition is the best event of the year, it is so wonderful seeing our girls perform as a team. The Team Comp is held mid October in Brisbane.

In October our State Competition is held in Brisbane, and our Nationals are held end of Novemeber in Sydney. 

The girls and ladies never like the season to finish, so we thought lets put on a Christmas Concert! In 2017 the girls and ladies who don't qualify for Nationals will be able to come along a Monday to rehearse for a special Christmas Concert. At the completion of our concert we will have our End of Year Presentation where all of our members will receive an award for their participation as well as many special awards and a scholarship.

What do you need for comps? One competition leotard (a brand new leotard cost around $70 TBA Term 1, you can purchase 2nd hand leos), some hair rollers, foundation, blush and lipstick... and you are set for the years competitions. Physie is a very affordable form of dance. 
2nd place - Abby Sullivan 12 yrs
4th place - Isabella MacDonald 10yrs, Hannah Gregorary 12 yrs, Lauri Johnson 14 yrs, Amber Clark 15 yars, Leisl Moyes Over 40 Ladies. 
5th place - Maisha Hossain 15 yrs, Lauren Kocass Elite Ladies. 

National Finalists - Avalon Price 8 yrs, Taylah Chambers 8 yrs, Mikka Palma 10 yrs, Kaylea Davis 11 yrs, Jemima Price 11 yrs, Kiki Palma 12 yrs, Madison Boatswain 12 yrs, Georgia Lennan 13 yrs, Ella-Grace Kerr 14 yrs, Laura Thompson 1st yr Snr, Elaine Blackwell 1st yr Snr, Bianca Davey 2nd yr Snr, Suzy Jensen Under 33 Ladies. 

National Semi-Finalists - Maya Zunker 7 yrs, Lola Wood 9 yrs, Shaylee Bradbury 10 yrs, Bethany Roat 12 yrs, Alysha Davis 14 yrs, Emily Attard Novice Ladies, Holly Castle Novice Ladies, Trinity Steber Under 33 Ladies, Liz Semionov Over 40 Ladies. 

National Competitors - Laila De Medina 6 yrs, Mia Davy 7 yrs, Charlotte Roat 14 yrs, Jodi Klerks Over 40 Ladies, Deb Koureas Over 60 Ladies. 
State Champions  - Avalon Price 8 yrs, Isabella MacDonald 10 yrs, Kaylea Davis 11 yrs, Abby Sullivan 12 yrs, Bianca Davey 2nd yr Snr. 
2nd place - Laila De Medina 6 yrs, Taylah Chambers 8 yrs, Mikka Palma 10 yrs, Lauri Johnson 14 yrs, Amber Clark 15 yrs, Leisl Moyes Over 40 Ladies. 
3rd place - Maya Zunker 7 yrs, Bethany Roat 12 yrs, Maisha Hossain 15 yrs, Laura Thompson 1st yr Snr, Emily Attard Novice Ladies.
4th place - Shaylee Bradbury 10 yrs, Georgia Lennan 12 yrs, Ella-Grace Kerr 14 yrs, Elaine Blackwell 1st yr Snr, Holly Castle Novice Ladies, Suzy Jensen Under 33 Ladies, Liz Semionov Over 40 Ladies. 
5th place - Mia Davy 7 yrs, Jemima Price 11 yrs, Kiki Palma 12 yrs, Alysha Davis 14 yrs.
6th place - Trinity Dowell Under 33 Ladies.  

Finalists - Akira 5 yrs, Jasmine 5 yrs, Paige 5 yrs, Natahlia 6 yrs, Ruby 8 yrs, Chloe 9 yrs, Holly 9 yrs, Lola 9 yrs, Sophie 10 yrs, Chloe 11 yrs, Maria 11 yrs, Hannah 12, Kyra 12 yrs,  years, Madison 12 yrs, Charlotte 14 yrs, Ebony 1st yr Snr, Courtney Novice Snr, Shanelle Open Snr, Elise U33 Ladies, Sarah U33 Ladies, Deb O50 Ladies. 

2nd place - Lola 9 yrs, Hannah 12 yrs
5th place - Madison 12 yrs
Finalist - Ruby 8 yrs
Semi-Finalists - Natahlia 6 yrs, Kyra 12 yrs
State Team Champions - 
7 - 8 years
9 - 10 years
11 - 12 years
13 - 14 years

2nd place
15 - 1st year Seniors

3rd place
5 - 6 years

5th place
11 - 12 years

State Team Competitors
Intermediate Ladies
Open Ladies

2016 Club Award & 2017 Scholarship - Kaylea Davis

All Round Physie:
 Junior - Lauri Johnson 
Senior - Stephanie Jordan 
Lady - Jodi Klerks

Highest Achiever, Most Successful:
Junior - Abby Sullivan
Senior - Amber Clark
Lady - Leisl Moyes

Outstanding Team Member of the year - Jemima Price

Sportsmanship Award - Kalani Bradbury

Most Improved - Alysha Davis

Encouragement Award - Siena Klerks

Outstanding Achievement - Abby Sullivan

Hard Work & Dedication - Isabella MacDonald

10 year Awards -  Georgia Lennan, Bianca Davey, Abby Smart

2016 Club Captain - Charlotte Roat
  • National Champion 2015 - Abby
  • National Champion 2014 - Abby
  • National Champion 2014 - Isabella
  • National Champion 2013 - Abby
  • National Champion 2013 - Shaylee
  • National Champion 2012 - Amber
  • Champion 2012 - Lauren
  • National Champion 2011 - Abby
  • National Champion 2009 - Lauri
National Champions
2015 - Abby Sullivan 11 years
2014 - Abby Sullivan 10 years
2014 - Isabella MacDonald 8 years
2013 - Abby Sullivan 9 years
2013 - Shaylee Bradbury 7 years
2012 - Lauren Kocass Open Seniors
2012 - Amber Clark 12 years
2011 - Abby Sullivan 7 years
2009 - Lauri Johnson 7 years
2008 - Jessie Cottell 8 years
Burleigh's BJP DVD Performers
2016 - Abby Sullivan 11- 12 year syllabus
2014 - Abby Sullivan 9 - 10 year syllabus
2014 - Shaylee Bradbury 7 - 8 year syllabus
2013 - Amber Clark 11 - 12 year syllabus
2012 - Abby Sullivan 7 - 8 year syllabus
2010 - Lauri Johnson 5 - 8 year syllabus