What is Physie?

Physie (BJP Physical Culture) is the ultimate fusion of dance styles; modern dance, jazz, ballet, contemporary, aerobic dance and exercise. We have two specialty syllabus, Kindy - 18 months to 4 years incorpating creative music, and the ladies syllabus designed for girls 21+ has a stronger focus on exericse routines to music. 

The superb combination of movements are choreographed age appropriately and performed to modern music. Each syllabus tailored for all ages and experiences, and updated annually. 

Physie is a fun filled way to get fit, make life long friends and be part of a team. Whether your goal is to improve overall health and fitness or to reach the highest level of competition, there are so many benefits you will gain along the way. Improvements in; posture, fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Physie has a strong focus on discipline of the mind and body, great way to develop a childs commitment, focus, learning & listening skills, concentration, interaction with others and teamwork. For children developments in body geography, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, rhythm, and memory are all beneficial to their school work.

Physie provides a fun and affordable sport, that encourages participation for all ages. 

Join us at Burleigh!

Our Club was established in 2006, by Lauren Kocass and throughout this time our Club has achieved many amazing results at all levels of competition in both team and individual events across our juniors, seniors and ladies. As well as performing internationally for our third time in 2018 in America. Our proudest achievement is the club spirit we have created, the friendships that have been formed through a combined love of physie.

Principal Teacher: Lauren Kocass
Lauren teaches all classes from 5 years through to Ladies. This will be Lauren's 15th year as a BJP Associate Teacher and has participated in Physie for 26 years. Lauren has many achievements including being a State & National Champion.

Associate Teachers: 
Shiobhan Thompson, Amber Clark, Lauri Johnson, Maisha Hossain 
In their 2nd year of being a BJP Associate Teacher, the teaching team has many years of being teaching assistants. With a great amount of experience it is wonderful to be able to offer additional classes taken by our associate teachers in 2018.

Assistant Teachers:
Abby Sullivan, Kyra Pryde, Hannah Gregory, Georgia Lennan, Kaylea Davis & Ebony Klerks.
Will be joing our teaching team and assisting in the junior classes in 2018. 

Classes, Comps & Performances!

Our classes are fun, high energy and full of variety. We offer classes for girls aged 18 months through to ladies. Throughout the year our classes learn a variety of routines to perform in the concerts and competitions should they wish to participate. 
Click here to view our 2018 Class Timetable. 

Competitions & Performances
Competitions and performances are optional, however we do encourgae all our members to participate, it gives our participants a great sense of achievement and really helps to build self confidence, not to mention the enjoyment of participating in a team. We hold a Showcase in June on the Gold Coast, in August we participate in 2 practice comps, October is the State Competition for individual & team events, of which we do encourage all our members to participate in the team event. November is Nationals held in Sydney and mid November in our End of Year Club Concert & Presentation. Upon registration all our members will receive a Club Handbook, which outlines all the events for 2018. Entries for concerts and competitions happen in May, therefore you have sometime to make decisions about participating. 
  • National Champion 2015 - Abby
  • National Champion 2014 - Abby
  • National Champion 2014 - Isabella
  • National Champion 2013 - Abby
  • National Champion 2013 - Shaylee
  • National Champion 2012 - Amber
  • Champion 2012 - Lauren
  • National Champion 2011 - Abby
  • National Champion 2009 - Lauri

Burleigh's National Champs!

National Champions
2017 - Abby Sullivan 13 years
2015 - Abby Sullivan 11 years
2014 - Abby Sullivan 10 years
2014 - Isabella MacDonald 8 years
2013 - Abby Sullivan 9 years
2013 - Shaylee Bradbury 7 years
2012 - Lauren Kocass Open Seniors
2012 - Amber Clark 12 years
2011 - Abby Sullivan 7 years
2009 - Lauri Johnson 7 years
2008 - Jessie Cottell 8 years

Burleigh's BJP DVD Performers
2018 - Abby Sullivan 13 - 14 year syllabus
2016 - Abby Sullivan 11- 12 year syllabus
2014 - Abby Sullivan 9 - 10 year syllabus
2014 - Shaylee Bradbury 7 - 8 year syllabus
2013 - Amber Clark 11 - 12 year syllabus
2012 - Abby Sullivan 7 - 8 year syllabus
2010 - Lauri Johnson 5 - 8 year syllabus