2017 Burleigh Waters Physie Calendar

  • When are fees due? Please click here to visit our class page for complete details on fee payments

  • If my child does not attend class or does not continue do I receive a refund? Unfortunately we do not give refunds, and all missed lessons must be paid for. 

  • Are classes scheduled on Public Holidays? There are no classes on public holidays, except for Monday 2nd October. As we have classes on 2 other public holidays in Apr/May we will replace these later in the year.  

  • Are classes held on Pubil Free Days? Yes classes are held.

  • Are classes held on school holidays? No classes on Easter school holidays, however classes are held during the June/July and September/October school holidays.

  • When do receive performance and competition dates and details? BJP try to release the dates and details as early as possible, but generally it is mid year. As soon as we receive any details we provide our members with them.

  • Are competitions and performances compulsory? No they are not, however we do encourage all our members to particpate. We cover your entries in your instalments, so there are no major fees to be paid.

  • Are there any other costs throughout the year? For competitions/performances students will be required to wear a BJP leotard brand new or second hand info provided during term 1. Club Members are required to wear a club shirt or singlet when representing our club at all performances/competitions. Other optional club uniforms are available to purchase. Optional training DVD's and CD's can also be ordered throughout the year. Students will be required to have rollers, foundation, blush, lipstick etc for performances.

Terms & Conditions of Club Registration
  • Fees are due in full on the dates provided to you - please click here to view our class information.  Late fees will incur a $10 per week late fee until paid. Please speak with administration if you are experiencing difficulty paying your fees on time. 
  • Fees are payable whether the class is attended or not. 
  • No refunds are given for missed classes. 
  • Family Discount applies to families with 3 or more family members registered. The third & subsequent family member (youngest) will receive 50% off Installment Fees.
  • All care is taken to provide safe classes for our members. All members are required to follow instructions carefully.
  • All children are the responsibility of Burleigh Waters Physical Culture Inc. during their class time ONLY. NOT before and after class, and we are not responsible for siblings and friends who have been dropped off. 
  • All children are to be collected from inside the hall.
  • Photos and videos may occasionally be taken of the students during class time for teaching purposes, or to be used on our website or facebook page - please advise if you do not wish to have you or your child included in any photos. 
  • Students must abide by the class dress code at all times when participating in a class, as outlined on our class page.
  • Performers/competitors must abide by the competition dress code at all times as outlined in your competition handouts for each event.
  • All members and parents must abide by all rules and regilations of Burleigh Waters Physical Culture Inc. and BJP as outlined in Member Info. 
  • In the event of an accident or illness I hereby give permission for any necessary medical assistance to bne sought and agree to pay all medical fees and expenses incurred.